My 2 boys started seeing Dr. Sonal 7 months ago for their eczema.

Tyler’s skin condition began around age 1. The eczema presented itself on his hands and feet which were dry, flaking and occasionally bleeding. Dryness and dandruff like skin on the face was persistent.

It caused him a lot of discomfort especially when either the humidity was low or high. Prior to seeing Dr. Sonal, I had taken Tyler , now age 3, to several doctors and dermatologists.  They had mostly prescribed steroidal ointments. He was using this virtually daily with only intermittent improvement at best. I didn’t want to accept this to be the norm for such a young child so I sought out alternative therapy.

My younger son Charlie was 1.5 years when he started seeing Dr. Sonal. His condition presented itself all over his body and also on the face as a form of rash. He would often scratch until he bled. He was fussy with food and preferred liquids only. He was in a state of constant discomfort

Along with homeopathic medication, Dr. Sonal straight away made some lifestyle and diet changes. Both boys have shown dramatic improvement. I have been extremely happy with the results so far and am hopeful that my boys will be cured from eczema in the near future which is more than I could have ever hoped for using traditional western medicine.

P.B Gold Coast, Hong Kong

(Names changed to protect the identity of the children)

Tyler’s face, scalp, arms and legs are smoother. The crusty and peeling patches on the feet have healed well. No more open wounds. (refer photo)

Charlie has also improved with large areas of healthy non inflamed skin. He, now is more adventurous with solid food and has regular meals. There is healthy weight gain.

For both boys, the sudden outbreaks of redness and itching are fewer and not as severe, signaling the healing of the immune system.Dr. Sonal, Jan 2015

Atopic Dermatitis/ Eczema/ Allergic Rashes 

Natural therapies for allergies at Maya Health Institute includes homeopathic remedies, nutritional advice and supplementation where needed. 

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